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Arevik Hakobyan is a graphic designer

and 3D artist from Antwerp, based in

Berlin with a BA + MA in visual arts.

+32 468 49 85 01


"divesting" logo design, freelance work for mimosa agency. 2022

Illustrator / Photoshop

De Eerlijke Gids, e-book for @infinitestarnight. 2022


Hello, my name is Arevik, poster. 2022


"Embodying the Power of Touch", glove design & creative direction. 2021


Illustrator / Premiere Pro

The Human Body In Art, publication. 2019


"Plastic Fantastic" master-project, 3D art. 2023


Thank u @anne.kurris for the guidance

Thank u @inge.grognard for the words

Thank u @rintmennes for the sounds

Blender / UE5 / Premiere Pro

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